Projets européens


European Social Policy Network

Numéro du contrat : VC / 2018/0463
Durée du projet : 4 ans
Financement : Commission européenne
Montant : 168 000 euros
Coordinateur : Claude Martin
Tutelle de gestion : Non renseigné
Date de début : 15/09/2018
Date de fin : 15/09/2022
Personnes impliquées dans le projet : B. Le Bihan, A. Sopadzhiyan, B. Valdez (Arènes) ; G. Huteau, M. Legros (EHESP)


Pilotage de l’équipe française du contrat de recherche accordé par la Commission européenne au Luxembourg Institute for Social and Economic research (LISER). The ESPN brings together into a single network the work that used to be carried out by the European network of Independent experts on social inclusion, the network for the Analytical support on the socioeconomic impact of social protection reforms (ASISP) and the MISSOC (Mutual information sustems on social protection) secretariat. The ESPN covers 35 countries: the 28 EU Member states plus seven candidate and potentiaal candidate countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR of Macedinia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey). It is managed jointly by the LISER and APPLICA, in close association with the European social observatory. The ESPN assists the European Commission by provideing high quality and timely independent information, advice, analysis and expertise on social policy issues in the EU and neighbouring countries. It supports the commission in monitoring progress towards the EU-s social protection and social kinclusion objectives as set out in the Europe 2020 strategy, the Social open method of coordination and the social investment package. It provides the Commission with a comprehensive overview of policies on social protection (i.e. pensions, health and long-term care), social inclusion and social investment in the 35 countries covered, kincluding their strengths and weaknesses. Different reports are delivered along the contract each year: 3 Thematic reports, a semester report, 2 flash reports and an actualization of the country profile report.