• Emmanuelle Leray (EHESP)
  • Nicolas Sirven (EHESP)

Research on Health Services and Management

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  • Research area 4 in this mixed research unit centres on the impacts of public health policies on the health system, mainly in France, by looking at the individual health services that it comprises. These services are viewed in their entirety, in other words, “all services related to diagnosis and the treatment of patients, or to promoting, maintaining and restoring health” (WHO), involving health and medical social sectors, in order to develop a global approach to the healthcare pathway, in its two dimensions of prevention and care.

    Transversal prevention programmes in health services

    The objective here is to produce and test in France strategies to encourage individual behaviour change based on proof (quantitative and qualitative) and to put forward recommendations to establish public policies. Based on individual behaviour theories, the key research question in this area attempts to determine how to sustainably change behaviour in a more positive way for health in order to achieve various public health objectives. On a methodological level, the question concerns the tools and innovative approaches that can support recommendations, both for local actors and public policies.

     Coordinated pathways and actors for health territories

    The approach concerns  the performance of healthcare pathways in its different areas: access to services, effectiveness, quality, and cost. The research questions centre on the determinants of pathway performance, which depend on matching the supply of services (organization of healthcare services and the characteristics of the territory) with the demand for healthcare that is addressed or could be addressed (potential demand) to these services depending on the characteristics of the population groups considered. Mixed methods (quantitative and qualitative) are also employed here to evaluate public health policies. 

    The research area organizes a monthly research seminar at which members present their work, and a forward-planning meeting to discuss how the research should be organized. An annual seminar is also planned on a specific theme.

    evaluation of public policies, health services, healthcare pathways, prevention, access to healthcare,  determinants.

    Publié le 14 Oct 2021